One Real Love

August 7, 2010
My dearest
As you walk away
The shadow of you in my arms never fades
And the tulips that were
Blossomed in the spring
Our Season
Will forever remain that deep red color

Forever living?
Yes 11 tulips and 1 fake
Baby will you be mine till the last one dies?
I’m yours

As the flower still remains fully blossomed
But somehow it seems like the lovely red
Is now fading
But I hold on for one last glimpse
You’re leaving me again…

It use to be just a game
We would count who was losing and winning
Winner taking home all the kisses
Of pride
But now our game has turned into sick reality
Winner-Moves on

Now kisses play no part
And since this is reality its not
Called a game anymore
It’s called life

So as I pull the pedals off
The remaining tulip
He loves me
He loves me not
You always said they equaled
But never loving someone not

I now put the pedals into the boxes
What you call the remains of our relationship
Because I know I will always hope
To feel the warmth of your shadow again

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