I'll never shed a tear again

August 7, 2010
By xoxoLissieM SILVER, Manila, Other
xoxoLissieM SILVER, Manila, Other
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My life
A whirlwind of mess
Full of Troubles and distress
But I keep going on
Just hanging on tight
Trying to keep the loose ends tied and secure
Trying to keep a straight face
Hiding behind my facade
But the mask’s about to fade

My life
A tornado of lies
Full of fake smiles and hidden tears
Still I keep on hiding
Crying by myself
Trying to hold myself together
Trying to cover my red eyes, from every one
Hiding with make-up
But it ain’t enough

I am so tired of crying
I am so fed up with tears
So I promised myself
I’ll never shed a tear again
Cause I’m tired of weeping

I’m tired of being spiritless
And I’m tired of being sorry for myself
So I promised myself
I’ll never shed a tear again

The author's comments:
Sometimes in life we experience unpleasant things, instead of bawling 'bout it I use it as an inspiration to create poetry:) HOPE ITS GUD!! my very first poem ever!

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