Five Ways to Climb a Tree

August 6, 2010
She wants to show her father
How she’s like a monkey
And so she laughs and cries
“Look at me, daddy!”
While he looks the other way
And so she climbs the tree

He screams inside but makes no noise
Running with a stomp stomp stomp down the street
His mother doesn’t see nor his father because
To him
No one really does
He wants solitude
And so he climbs the tree

The count climbs higher from the seeker
Eyes shut
Children run
Searching to hide
With a “ready or not, here I come”
One girl still in sight
And so she climbs the tree

A boy and girl run
Through the grassy field because
They’re explorers, on a mission
They see everything, but so short?
The reeds tower far above their heads but so much depends
Upon them
And so they climb the tree

They’re in love
A Romeo and a Juliet
They’re a secret never told and
Staying that way is
They can’t be seen
And so they climb the tree

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