August 2, 2010
By LisaMarie PLATINUM, Johnston, Iowa
LisaMarie PLATINUM, Johnston, Iowa
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I am a magician, I can change appearances
Shed layers of skin.
Sometimes I’m even invisible!
I use my magic to save myself,
Sometimes I can help others with it.
Wielding my powers takes its toll.
At times it makes me tire,
Others unreasonably sad.
I suspect many people are magicians too.
Like Maeve over there.
She just stepped out of disguise.
Her favorite, in fact.
Confident, cool, friendly, but somewhat distant.
Maeve peeled off a layer
Exposing a softness I;ve never seen.
I wonder if anybody sees my magic?
Do they see me step in and out of my body?
How my sould floats out and hovers in the air,
Trying to find the face behind the face behind the face.

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