Generation Now?

August 2, 2010
By LisaMarie PLATINUM, Johnston, Iowa
LisaMarie PLATINUM, Johnston, Iowa
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They look on us with scorn
Say that we are stupid, useless.
That our generation is foolish
Why can’t we appreciate what they gave us?
Starvation? Abuse?
Gee, thanks so much
Why are you so depressed? they ask
Why do you do drugs? They scream
Can’t you see what you have?
What we gave to you?
Don’t you see the sunshine and the flowers,
All the happy families? The money I’ve earned?
But they won’t listen when we answer.
Can’t they see the rain?
The fear we try to hide?
The games we play to stay alive?
They leave us with so much. Wars, poverty, pollution.
Thanks a bunch
We face so much, the burden is great.
My peers arm themselves with ignorance
It’s the only way out.
We get lectured and jailed.
Denied our freedom because we wanted too much.
I understand why they do it,
This generation ahead of us.
All they want is to stay afloat.
But in their attempt to save themselves
They are drowning us.
In short, we are generation screwed.

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