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August 6, 2010
By Shpil BRONZE, Staatsburg, New York
Shpil BRONZE, Staatsburg, New York
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Favorite Quote:
When my heart can beat no more, I hope I had died 4 a principle or a belief that I had lived 4

A word from the wise
thats what I was looking for from my grandfather before he reaches the skies
therefore leaving me high and dry, so before he goes on vacation I wanted to ask him why
and how.
How does one go about winning the popular vote?
Will it take numerous critical essays with strong quotes
or maybe looking decked out shouting with my co-vice president-elect hotties that WERE ON A BOAT!
but since were outta decks, please America place your bets
do it before we lose any more beloved-fellow cadets
do it before the opponent washes his or her political stains away
do it before the water pressure starts to build up on high
do it before the tide is low, but you can still be the first one like Mrs.Roosevelt, Eleanor Delano
that was 80 years ago and now the tide is high
my grandfather tells me we might as well kiss the popular vote goodbye
he says politics are like cooking
lifes a batch and then you fry
and now supposedly it is the 'Rights' turn to give it a try.
Due to democratic political sin, Republicans are now set to take over an estimated 37 seats to win
That is a grand total of 37 Governer shifts, where do they all come from?
Exactly how will they be equipped to run my nation, I can see it now:
in 4 years total devastation,
but only 4 years ago: welcome the obama nation.
But now, sneaky like a Fox news wants everybody to know that he is not for real,
except nobody told him that would be a part of the deal
he just wanted to know how the average Shreck and Donkey feel
why people like me choose to keep it real
best be sure my grandfather keeps it real.
He says we need to make a change I say yes we can, because 4 score and 7 years later it seemed that everybody was a hater leaving no room for an honest patriotic debator because in truth our country must now require a translator because 4 score 2 many illegal aliens have arrived in America

Let us end this hysteria.

and now, it is 4 score and 4th quarter also known as crunch time
you hand me a snickers I'll hand you a rhyme:

I will restore a new world order

so the next generation can happily place their order
and like a Mcdonalds happy meal they can be loving it
So one day, they will stand up and say they are proud of their government.

Now, it appears that popular and vote have become one.
Something that one day I cannot wait to tell my daughter and son.

The author's comments:
Inspired by a current time period dominated by a focus on campaigning and the upcoming elections and a lack of trust in government

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