August 2, 2010
By purplewing77 BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
purplewing77 BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
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I look out of the window
Onto a scene of hopelessness and despair
The bleak world I see
Is painted red by blood and dust
The sky drops tears of liquid thunder
Onto the windswept plane of war
Jagged cliffs and rocks sprayed red
Instruments of murder and those who used them
Lie half buried by the ever blowing sand
Spears and arrows stab out of yellowed rib cages
Swords and axes
Still stuck fast into cracked or shattered skulls
The blood of the dead everlasting on the metal of their blades
Far in the distance smoke rises
From massive piles of the dead
The greasy smoke lapping at the scarlet clouds
A steady rhythm beats out
From somewhere far away
Where men once again march to their death
Hate rises into the sky
Like the towers of billowing black smoke
I touch the window
Cracked and blood sprayed
Withholding me from this realm
Of chaos and war
Inside my bare sanctuary
I weep

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