Love nonetheless

August 1, 2010
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They all will say I'm too young to know. 
And maybe part of that's true. But for right now 
I know no other word 
To describe the way I feel for you. 
The way I know we will be together again. 
Maybe this isn't true love 
But for now it's love nonetheless. 
I have never felt this way for anyone but you. 
The s*** you do and heartache you caused me 
Still won't change the way I feel. 
I'm here by your side 
And I never want to leave. 
I want to be with you. 
And I want you to want to be with me. 
But do you? 
Oh god I hope you do. 
I hope you feel this way too. 
I want us to start over and build a life long love. 
One that will never break. 
Can we do that? 
Please can we?

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