Gradually Slipping

August 1, 2010
I use these words that I’ve heard
A thousand times to hold on.
To what is gradually slipping out from under.
It’s hard to forget the moments where solid ground was such a vivid memory
When now there is nothing underneath.

As the gravity declines everyday,
I try to grip tighter
To the walls that have encapsulated me in this demonic world.

The walls slip farther and farther away from my reach.
The air becomes dense,
Heavy in the lungs.
Weighing me down.
Pressure increased,
As the demons try to get inside.

My antibodies try to fight off the vigorous warriors
Without a solid foundation between my two
Left feet.
How can I flee?
How can I dance out of the room with two
Left feet.
As I fall, I see all the places I’ve dreamed about.
Different communities,
Individual worlds.
Giving me the courage to not fight the adventure of the fall

But to close my eyes,
Let the stars chill me
Spread out my arms and


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