Like all the others

August 1, 2010
you've broken my heart like all the others
after promising to put it back to gether
and loveing me no matter what
it was all lies
you built up my confidence and promised forever
then pulled it ripcord
when you found out I wasnt perfect
how can you sit there and tell me you love me
because in my book
if you love them you don't leave them because of that
you try to help them
not everyone can be happy all the time
you called me a goddess
I thought you were different
turns out you were just like the others
you made me feel different
and beautiful
but now when I look at your picture
I feel so stupid for believing you
when you promised me you wern't gona hurt me
but it's ok
you made me remember why
I'm so afraid to fall inlove
you're just like all the other heart breakers I dated
I'm not you're avarage girl
my heart is broken more then its been whole
sometimes I wounder how it could of been
but other times I hate my self for letting you in
I knew I should have listen to myself
I knew you were gona break my heart
because you're just like the others
you were amazing
you made me smile
but that's how they all started
I thought you were real
turns out you were a fake
you duck out
as soon as you see something you don't like
you stick with them because you care
just tells me you never cared
you just wanted a east lay
just like all those other pigs
I'm not gona apologize for what I did
I didn't do anything ring
if I did anything rong it was believing you

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