I'll be here Forever, But not Forever gone

August 6, 2010
By Anonymous

Goodbye, Goodbye, Forever
Until your old
I will stay waiting
for the day I am yours to hold

Goodbye, Goodbye, Forever
I am not that far away
I will stay in your dreams
so you can keep me
day after day

Goodbye, Goodbye, Forever
I am here, you are there
Do not worry, I am always close
I will never leave
I swear

Goodbye, Goodbye, Forever
You will never know how much I love you
You will never know
But I know you love me too

Goodbye, Goodbye, Forever
As my spirit rises
I cannot bear to leave you

Floating on Floating Floating
This feels so good
It isnt cold, It isnt hot
I should look back, I reall should
But can I?

Goodbye, Goodbye, Forever
Forever isnt a long time my dear
I will come and get you when it is time
Deep breathe. I look back
On your face is one, single, crystal teat

But why? Why are you crying?
I am not totally gone. I am still around.
Lay down. I will find you. Can you feel me?
Hush baby
Don't cry a tear
Don't make a sound.

Grasp onto my memories and hold them tight.
Don't forget me lay forever
Live through the night
Just because I am not here
doesn't mean I am gone

Until mornings light
and the next and the next
I will be here forever
But not forever gone

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