The Rhythm

August 6, 2010
Love is the rhythm that a heart beats to
Be it short and fast-paced, like a hare running from its predator
Or long and slow, like an elephant as it lumbers its way to the watering hole on the other side of the hot savanna
This love can be happy and overflowing with joyous moments
It can also be heartbreaking with excruciatingly painful memories seeping out of deep cracks
A dark abyss crawling with foul, atrocious creatures unknown to innocent eyes
A glittering meadow abundant with colorful flowers of every kind, swaying to a soft lullaby that no one but them can hear
This love can rid the heart of previous wounds
Or deepen those that have already been made
It can be amazing, wonderful, blissfully fabulous
It can be treacherous, dreadful, painfully sorrowful
Love is the rhythm that a heart beats to
Good or bad
It just is.

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