Finding Myself

August 6, 2010
By BabyFace95 GOLD, Thunder Bay, Other
BabyFace95 GOLD, Thunder Bay, Other
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As I look into my mirror each and every day,
I realize I'm not the girl that I should've been.
I'm not a girl of beauty, only with skin far too fair.
I'm not a girl of intelligence, just tons of knowledge long forgotten.
I'm not a girl of courage, for I have far too many fears.
As I ponder upon those thoughts,
I think of what I HAVE become and what I HAVE achieved!
I may not be pretty, intelligent, courageous or even close to perfection but,
I have something that many people would envy.
I have friends and family that will stand by me and they have, and will continue to,
help me become the person I need to be!
My friends and family have helped me to realize that I have become all that and more!
I have gone farther at points in my life that not many teens are able to go when
they are at the point of exhaustion. I have achieved enough to be proud of myself!
And I am, very!
I think I've finally found myself in this crazy, mixed up world

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