August 6, 2010
By Philosopherpoet DIAMOND, Happy Valley, Oregon
Philosopherpoet DIAMOND, Happy Valley, Oregon
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I’d give so much to see my cousin’s face,
Not just in some picture, but another place,
If they came out from Australia, France, or England,
Or from California, the “Golden Land”.
Not just cousins, but my Aunts,
Nor do they watch us grow like plants,
Family is supposed to be bond,
Even if you have brown hair, they blonde,
If I were rich I’d see the earth,
I’d find out what it’s really worth!
Gold, copper, and jade,
Can’t buy any of what we’re really made,
Which are bonds, love, friendships, and more,
To be healthy you must have those in store!
If a family does split apart,
Its splits apart from the heart,
Families can get on each others nerves,
Each getting what each deserves.
Still I wish I had a tie,
With someone related by
I suppose it’s not so bad as I make it,
Life’s all about where you take it,
I can’t help but be greedy,
I feel a wee bit needy!
If this year a relative except my nan does not stop by
I swear to God I think I’ll cry!
But what’s the point of seeing family,
When I know my casual acquaintances more –personally,

Still at least I know more about the lands,
For gifts from Australia come to my hands.
Still I think about it more,
The more it makes my heart soar.
And now move to Oregon,
Closer to a California cousin.
Yet I know not a soul,
That will change, I know.
But still before I was to move,
To where I’d be in a more family groove,
Yes, to California to my start,
Would, I thought, cease my aching heart.
Among my relatives, on both sides, we are the odd -one out,

That is the reason for my pout.
I can only dream,
So it does seem.
Maybe it doesn’t bother others so,
Perhaps, I don’t know,
Alas I still do wish,
To be more “family-ish”.

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