All I did was trust one person

August 9, 2010
By Anonymous

I’m like a toy you got but never liked, or a shirt that your grandma bought you, and you only wear it if you really have too. You tell the truth to everyone but me. You play with my mind, and make me believe what you want, and not to listen to the truth, you make me think that the truth is a lie. You make me hated, but you keep me close, so you can me to talk, and tell people what I say, so one by one I’m hated more each day. You tell me your secrets that aren’t that big, but to make me tell you mine, you have to make up some, so secret for secret we used to play you’d tell me one, then I’d tell you mine, mine were always deeper then yours, mine were always better to hear, mine you could tell people and it would crush me in a second, yours or every day problems that every one goes threw. Once you got me to the point, where I trusted you and called you my best friend, we hung out every day, knew everything about each other, well about me at least, I ovbii didn’t know you well enough. You broke me down, told every one my secrets. All the things I said about people, they knew, I was hated by half the world, the other half didn’t know me, and if they did, id be hated by them too, so many people hated me, I started to think that nothing was good in my life, nothing would change, I always thought everything happens for a reason, but I couldn’t think of reasons why this would happen, I did nothing, but trust one person,

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