August 8, 2010
By mirrorkirby BRONZE, Wylie, Texas
mirrorkirby BRONZE, Wylie, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"To infinity, and beyond!"
-Buzz Lightyear

They took cover as their dreams began to break loose
the glint in his eyes began to break through
and she whispered in his ear, "I'll always be here for you."
with that daring smile and compromised spark
she started to wonder as the sky turned dark
the tree turned black as the time set back
and the night was as warm as the summer before last
She leaned forward, stared straight into his eyes
and laid back in his arms with a feeling of disgraceful surprise
as he touched her shoulder she surrendered
and all other memories faded and rendered
and she shut her eyes
waiting for her soul to demise
and reach back
and thrust wonder through the hardened cast
to bring feeling back through her fading pulse
and to act purely on impulse
break down any and all closed doors
and forget about the past and listen to your core
she laid in his arms and continued her heart did to beat
and he would listen to heart, which he planned to keep
she couldn't seem to look anymore
with all of these open windows and closed doors
I watched the world from under a dream
and I loved the way everything was never as it seemed
but you were real.
you made me love like it was thirst
made me close my eyes and see nothing but feelings burst
I need your breath to feel my own
I feel apart of you enough to want to know
he would show her the world
if she asked a chance to soar
dragons would fly while blood would roast
and they would run to the salty california coast
and no time could or would ever be possible
nothing had to be plausible.
and she forgot that she was asleep in his arms
and she recovered a moment to be alarmed
but he would lean into pure bliss
and she would accept his sweet kiss
their hands would shake with their hearts at stake
but only then would she realize she was truly awake.
falling in love is like playing with a roulette
and he breathed to her, "now you can't ever forget."

The author's comments:
Love is like a dream

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