Baby, You Won't Bring Me Down

August 8, 2010
You smile at me, laughing along in a chorus-
The songs of our lives making a duet.
But I know they aren't going to last,
They just don't have that flow.
You're following another tune,
So I force a smile and sing,
"Baby, you won't bring me down."

Our record broke,
Baby it was a one hit wonder.
I thought it was the best,
But soon you grew sick of the song.
You trashed the music,
And shredded the notes.
You left me singing by myself,
"Baby, you won't bring me down."

Now I'm a solo artist,
And baby it's good to be free.
I wonder what music I might be missing,
But also see what I would not have sang myself.
When I want to sing a slow song,
about my loss and heart break,
I force a smile, a beat, and sing,
"Baby, you won't bring me down."

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