If Only I Could See You Again

August 8, 2010
By Anonymous

You were always there to guide the way,
always there to make my day,
teaching me whats right and wrong,
teaching us to get along,

knowing how to treat us right,
tucking us in bed at night,
teaching us our ABC's,
putting plasters on well worn knees,

being the best that you could be,
thats why you meant so much to me,
but when the day came that you were dead,
these verses whirled around my head,

not knowing what would become of me,
without seeing you anymore daddy,
i've dreamed of days when you came home,
but then i wake and im alone,

and you're not there to say goodnight,
to hug me and turn off the lights,
i miss you dad, i really do,
i know that mum is hurting too,

we never got to say goodbye,
all we did was cry and cry,
it wasn't fair you were so young,
a wife, a daughter and two sons,

we're left behind without your love,
but i know you're smiling from above,
so daddy i hope that you're doing ok,
because all i think about is that day,

when i found you lying on the floor,
i really wish i could have done more,
just know that you were an exceptional man,
one we were proud to call our dad

you had a better way with words,
so i hope this is okay,
and i'll leave you with this daddy,
i think i've said all i had to say,

just to let you know i love you,
and theres nothing we should regret
you're the only daddy i've ever had,
and will never ever forget.

The author's comments:
I wrote this after my dad died suddenly, he was more than a father, he was a friend and I hope I do him the justice he deserves with this, love you daddy.

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