This is Me.

August 8, 2010
By madandmatkeene BRONZE, Fair Grove, Missouri
madandmatkeene BRONZE, Fair Grove, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
~Carpe Diem~

This is Me.

I layer the shadows,
yellows, greens, and browns.
Today I shall be Tinkerbell,
a magical pixie fairy.

Though my feet are planted,
firmly on the ground.
One swipe of a brush,
and I'm above the clouds.

I sparkle my hair,
and dazzle my cheeks.
I'm Cinderella,
despite no ball for me.

I can be anyone-
I'm a variety of colors.
I take many forms,
never know who'll be.

But beneath all the make up,
that sparkle and polish-
is the best thing to be;
naturally, this is me.

The author's comments:
I got a makeup kit for Christmas last year- first I was upset, then offended- then I took this view. It inspired the poem. Thanks "Santa" ;)

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