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i guess this is it

August 8, 2010
By jcampgirl PLATINUM, New Caney, Texas
jcampgirl PLATINUM, New Caney, Texas
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I guess this is it
Where we say goodbye
For the final time
I guess this Is spost
To be the part ware you
Tell me that
We will be friends forever
And that you will all ways be there
But it dint work out that way
I guess this is the part ware I’m
Spost to burn every thing
You have given me
And cry my self to sleep
I just cant get my self to do it
I left the tings you gave me
In there proper place
If there really is such a thing
Its been a wile now
But the wound wont seem to heal
It still hurts
Its still fresh
That knife you implanted
in my hart that day
Is still there
Cuz I cant get my self to pull it out
Because I’m afraid
I’m afraid that when I pull it out
And the wound hells
That ill forget
What we had
And why it made me so sad
I’m afraid
I don’t seem to have control any more
Lex I’m rely scared right now
And I never thought it who’d have come to this
I never thought id be hear right now
But I am
And its my own fault
I’m not going to blaming it all on you
I was a pretty lousy friend to
And I’m sorry
It has to be like this
I gees that was it
Goodbye my old friend
Ill never see you again

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