Meet Me In The Stars

August 8, 2010
Rearranging stepping stones embedded in the winding path of life, I notice a pattern of change. My genesis consists of trampled footprints, misleading and unsure, cleverly camouflaging the smooth ground beneath. But gradually I notice that the twisting, unsteady path I follow is roughly intersecting with an unfamilier, yet pleasant way. Sharp, jagged edges give way to fluid, effortless strides. Side trails repeatedly invite me to pursue, but I consistently deny. I choose to continue on to this interesting, newly discovered destination, and I refuse to be routed back to the lonely place I began. Though slightly apprehensive, I permanatly cross over onto this fresh, promising path, and instantly see that I can follow it to the stars. There, I see you striding alone, seemingly overcome with confusion. Across the barren galaxy, I glimpse the remaining shadows of your aged and broken road, realizing that aimless travels have brought you here to me. I speak no words, but quicken my pace to advance to your side. We silently grow closer, eliminating space, until our fingers finally meet and tenderly intertwine.

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