Locked Up

August 8, 2010
She sit's there,
Wacthing the world pass by
She wants to tell them,
But she can't

Shes locked up
More and more people pass by,
Putting locks on her mouth
Reasons why she should be quiet

She sits there,
Wondering how and why this happened
She realizes it's because,
She lets the world rule her life

Should she break free?
But this way of life...
It's the only one she knows,
Having her whole life ruled by others

As years go by shes so locked up,
She's now distant with anyone she doesn't know
Her circle of friends shrinks
Soon it only contains people who help rule her life

Their voices swirl in her head
Do this..U shouldnt do this!
Get that! Don't buy thta it's ugly
Dont talk to her. Oh he's cute you should date him

She stands up,
The people stop in shock
She removes the locks as the crowd screams no

She isn't locked up
All the voices stop
Her "friends" move on
Shes finally free

She starts a new way of life,
Living for herself not letting others rule her
She walks down the street with confidence and a smile

She passes by a girl
She looks all too familar
Locks on her mouth,
People around her controling her life
Shes walks up to her,
Moves the crowd and whispers to her...

Be free

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WaterGirl23 said...
Nov. 20, 2010 at 2:12 pm
please leave me your opinions. thnx! :]
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