Guardian Angels

August 9, 2010
By Anonymous

A ghostly arm around your shoulders,
Support when you need it most;
An invisible finger on your lips,
A hint to keep your silence;
A sense that someone’s listening,
When there’s no one around;
An unseen companion when you travel,
A comforting knowledge of safety;
A bad feeling you can’t trace,
An unexpected warning,
Something you just know,
Watching eyes in the dark,
The sudden flash of light,
The sound of wings in silence,
Help from a stranger that no one else sees,
Protection in disaster,
The re-appearance of something you’ve lost,
A bit of luck,
A gentle reminder,
A nudge to do what’s right,
They’re hard at work,
Always in the background,
You’ve seen them, though you may not know,
Just who – and what – you saw,
In small things and in large, they’re there.

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