We Are One

August 9, 2010
I stand there watching you
I'm watching you thinking
You're thinking about walking away

I stand there, now starting to cry
I don't want you to leave
I can't survive without you

You stand looking at the ground
You turn your back to me
I reach my hand out,
I feel a river of tears flow down my face

You start to walk away
I cry out for you
It echoes but you still keep on walking

My legs start to wobble and my heart stops
I collaspe with a loud cry
My body curled into a tight ball as I sit there
I cry like I'm hurt

But I am hurt
There's a knife right through my heart
I sit there saying "Don't leave."
As I rock back and forth

I realize I'm screaming it
But then someone comes up to me
I don't know who but they take me in their arms
They hold me tight,
Like they don't want to lose me

When I look up I realize it's you
You look at me with loving, sorry eyes
I cry even more and say it again,
"Don't leave."
You take me even closer and whisper to me softly,
"I would never dream of leaving you. I love you."

I suddenly stop crying and look into your prue brown eyes
I see the truth and strength in them
You smile and soon your soft lips are touching mine
I feel at that moment, we are one and that we'll always be together

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WaterGirl23 said...
Nov. 20, 2010 at 2:10 pm
leave me your comments & opinions. thnx!
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