What She Says

August 8, 2010
By Moonsong14 GOLD, Georgetown, Indiana
Moonsong14 GOLD, Georgetown, Indiana
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She says that the world's a giant playground,
One with crooked stairs, and dirty toys.
She only dances at night, because she laughs,
Saying her life is too short for her to relax.
She says her greatest fear is to be loved and supported,
Because she needs to feel she's better than that.
She'll run until she finds another nest,
Then pack up and leave the next instant without a word.
She says she's the only one of her kind,
'Cause she won't ever ask you for help no matter the time.
At heaven's gates she hopes God will say,
“Here she is, the quiet wonder with good intentions,
That proved her worth, and nothing less.”
She says she's never gonna die a stranger,
Because she wants what everyone else has dreamed of,
But don't ever come out and ask her why,
'cause she'll just deny, believing she's too religious to try.
She says there's a God, but won't admit to sinning,
And when you catch her stealing she won't confess.
She tells me of her dreams about living alone,
And raising up dogs who stay on their own.
She dreams bigger than life,
And creates new worlds ignoring sanity,
But she'll always mock them in public.
She says she's always right, and never likes the people she's around,
But as she hides her red eyes in the corner,
Her perfect house torn up on the inside,
I see her hiding her bony naked figure away,
And suddenly I realize what I've been missing about her all along.
She claws away at the bed post, and hides her naive,
Believing inside she ain't nothing worth believing.

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