August 8, 2010
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Don’t ask me how I’m feeling because I don’t really know
My whole life is so confusing, I get lost sometimes alone
Don’t ask me if I love you, because I’ll always lie
I don’t really know anything for certain, trust me on that
I have trust issues, I can’t trust just anyone
It takes me a while to feel comfortable and even longer to admit it
I’m not a passionate Juliet, I don’t know what I want
So don’t ask me because I’ll always tell you what you want to hear
I have these weak moments, where I just cry all day
I try not to talk to anybody because they always end up misled
Don’t believe what I say to you, trust me I don’t really mean it
I’ll tell you just about anything to get some comfort
I’ll tell you the truth, but only if you ask for it
And I’ll lie to you, it’s just so much easier
If I get what I need then who really suffers in the end?
But you…and me
But you and me are not together, in this sentence, yes; but not in love
Because all I want is to be held, it doesn’t really matter whose arms I’m in
As long as I feel safe and I feel secure, I’ll pledge my undying love to you
Just to feel good just one moment longer
Please just one moment longer
I try to tell you what I’m really feeling, but you end up so confused
There are too many words and too many times I cry alone
Stop talking, and stop asking, I just want to feel together for just one more moment
Whether I admit it or not, I’m glad to have you care
I just wish you’d talk a little less and run your fingers through my hair
I don’t care about your grandma’s dying cat or your brother’s GPA
Why can’t you hold me without talking?
It’s like you never run out of truth to tell
But how is that possible in this kind of world?
It kills me when you ask me what’s wrong
I don’t need to answer that question again for the millionth time
I know you’re just worried but stop worrying!
As long as you shut up, I’ll be fine

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