You Broke My Heart </3 Dont Expect Me To Stay

August 8, 2010
I was looking at the ground when I told you. When i looked up to see your face, it was covered in tears. It broke my heart to look in your eyes and see everythang you couldnt form into words. You were in so much pain and I caused it. When I looked in your eyes I saw every bit of pain you felt. I didnt want to hurt you. It was never my intention. I told you that I love you and I was inlove with you. But what you were doing was unacceptable. You went off with another girl. And I cant handel that much pain. it woulda killed me if I would of stayed. And if you love like you ssay you do then, you will let me go...

Plz dont hurt us anymore then we already have. </3

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