Bringing Light Upon The Dark Truth

August 7, 2010
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Humans Groveling At Another's Feet
Worthless Imbeciles Who Live Out The Days
Going On With Their Lives
Doing Idiotic Things.....

But Then Again,
What's The Point In Telling All This?
Why Inform The Ignorant?
Who Is Going To Care?
Well The Ignorant, Although Plenty,
Doesn't Matter.
I Won't Waste My Time With Them
So I Tell The Story To The Few.

To Continue Where I Left Off.....
Humans Are Idiots.
We Are All Hypocritical Fools
Who Perturb The Motions Of Life.

Ignorance Can Only Get A Person So Far.
And Yet There Are So Few Listening....
Why Can't Everyone See The Folly Of The Past
And Realize That Idiocy Is A Major Role In Human Nature?
Do The Great Tragedies Have To Once Again Instill Fear?
Once Again Destroy Human Lives?
Has Anyone Ever Given The Thought
That Life As We Know It IS Pointless?

I've Only Said But A Few Open Ended Thoughts
And Already The Listeners Are Getting Less....
Why Can't Anyone Stand Their Ground To The Truth?
I Am In No Exception To Any Of The Things Said,
In Fact, I Believe We Are All Scum
Who Don't Even Deserve To Be Fertilizer To The Earth.

In Times Of Desperation
A Person Can Either Be
Remarkable Or Horrendous.
Most Of The Stories I've Heard Thus Far
Involve The Latter...

Has Anyone Given My Words A Chance?
Or Are You All Too Weak And Insecure?
If Given The Chance, My Words Will Hit Hard.

Til Then, Live On And Be Destructors
Live On With Ignorance....
None Before Has Ever Submersed Themselves
Within The Cold Darkness Of Human Truth....
Will Anyone Make A Difference?
Will Anyone Take The Chance To Enlighten The Masses?
I Am But An Informant And Too Young For Anyone To Hear,
But Can Anyone Take This Challenge And Spread The Truth?

I Am Just A Teen
A Single Candle Flickering
Among The Unrelenting Waves
And Yet I've Come To Somewhat
Of An Understanding Of The Surface.
I Am Not Saying I Know The Entire Truth
But The Surface Of It...
However, Nobody Will Listen!
Especially Not To Someone They Deem
A Mere Child Full Of Naivety!

Can Anyone Delve Into The Darkness
And Seek The Truth?
Beyond This Dark Veil
Enlightenment Awaits.

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