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August 11, 2010
with ink and blood you`ll remember my name,
with death so dear, and my love so near.
what truth lies here?

look at you.
your jagged teeth decayed from amber poison.
forked tongue echoeing the same sentiments of the thousand before you.
coveted, corroded flesh displaying a weakness for it`s kind,
look what time has done to you.

let`s see your ugly.

oh Lucifer, look what pride has done to you.
your guts filled with tar, because you reached for Mida`s touch.
you lustful fool, don`t you know all that shines is not gold?
you`ve molded a life of deciet and greed,
it`s only fair this is the end you meet.

I can`t help but reflect,
on the error of my ways,
upon this thought, a realization,
I`ve been staring into this mirror for days.

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