From Screams to Whispers

August 7, 2010
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They tied me up, they took my soul, they slew it to the ground
and in its place, they left a hole, to fill with what I’ve found
My presence quitting, laughing, spitting, they left me there to die
While screaming shrill, and wounded still, into the dirt I cry
A helping hand, a loving word, I longed with all my being
When from the dark, it seems I heard, a sound, elusive, fleeting
I turned, I looked, my head I crooked, in search of timid noise
And in the dark, a creature stark, stood with graceful poise
A creature tall, with features sharp, ventured close to my position
It took my hand, and bid me stand, and see my acquisition
No longer bound, by creatures sound, I looked upon my soul
Torn and mangled, sheared and strangled, out from my chest it stole
And so forthwith, creature and I, went from the murky chasm
My body spent, and with a sigh, I sobbed and heaved with spasm
My wound apparent, is now inherent, within the life I lead
From screaming fire, to whispering lyre, I’m left, empty indeed

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