My Heart

August 4, 2010
By Meg17 GOLD, Gahanna, Ohio
Meg17 GOLD, Gahanna, Ohio
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Twist. Bend. Push. Pull. How many ways are you gonna mold my heart? It's not a toy, not something to play with, not something to be left on the floor and stepped on. Its not a toy, nor a ball, it can't be thrown up just to fall, it's not renewable or replaceable, its gone when crushed and unfaceable. Something distorted, bruised and battered, unrecognizable, used and shattered. You can't play with my heart and stretch your limits, it's not gonna heal with every chance you give it. Its breakable, but not unfixable, it's shakeable but healable, just throw it up above all, be there to catch it when it falls.

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