Upside Down

August 6, 2010
When I'm bored,
I'll lean over my bed,
and let my head
touch the floor.
I am searching.

I look at the wall,
the posters and pictures,
They are new shapes,
and new ideas.
I am perplexed.

I look at the ceiling,
but I feel like I'm on,
a ceiling made of,
carpet and footsteps.
I am confused.

I look at my chairs,
my dressers and drawers,
and wonder if,
They'll fall off of the floor.
I am wondering.

I feel it in my head,
The blood is rushing,
My eyes see red,
But something new is touching.
I am in pain.

I feel it in my heart,
There are ideas forming,
Something is connected,
This new world is amazing.
I am in love.

When I'm bored,
(But I'm not bored)
I'll lean up to my bed,
and let my head
touch the pillows.
I am at peace.

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