Her Name Is Purity

August 5, 2010
By , Leipsic, OH
I saw a girl from tomorrow
She sat on her Fathers lap
He sang her a sweet melody
of hope and of truth.
His eyes spoke of protection
His voice rang out with comfort
When he finished, he stopped to hear her cries
With gentle patience and open ears.
"Oh Father, please send me a dove,
Oh Sheperd, please grow me a rose
For I am hurt and I am scared.
In this world You have put me in
Peace and beauty are so often scarred
by jealousy and hate.
Oh Shelter, please show me a rainbow
Oh Savior, please light me a candle
For I am lost and it is dark.
In this world You have put me in
Hope and guidance
Are so often shadowed
by greed and deciet."
I saw a Father from forever
he spoke with a soothing tone,
"My dear child, you have been facing the wrong way.
Turn your focus towards me.
Have you not heard the soft song
I have been singing you?
Your eyes have been blinded,
And your ears have become useless.
For here is your dove,
And here is your rose.
Peace and beauty will exist in you,
Once you accept what I have to give.
For here is your rainbow,
and here is your candle.
If a promise and a light
will bring you to me.
Yes, this world I have put you in
is full of the things you speak of,
but take my hand
and you will not be alone."

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