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July 26, 2010
By myheart BRONZE, Hockley, Texas
myheart BRONZE, Hockley, Texas
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Seems like everything I was, everything I say
Is pointless in every single way
Like what is left of me, isn't supposed to be
And no one likes what they see
It is not about who you please
Or what you believe
What is inside of me
And every break I refuse to take
Can not stop my tears, will not stop my fears
And if I have to walk a road of barren dispair
Alone tonight, with no one there
Then I will take that road- I will make that jump
Who is to decided who I really am
If alone I have to stand
This is not a release, hopefully not a regret...
Not a problem, no, not yet
What seems to be fake can be a mistake
In a mirror not shattered, but tilted
Like a flower might be wilted
But there is still a breath of air in there
That makes it what it still is and can be today
So it is not about what you say
But nothing will stop me from sticking true
There is a prayer I am still someone to you
Giving up is a lie to my face
That trying is nothing but wasteless space
And I am not done with this
And I am holding on to it
I will not shoot for what I know I will miss
We can have what we get
Do not give up on me yet
And we could mend this all
And we will not refuse about our fall
This would not be if you would hold on to me
And if it was not ment
Then nothing is left...

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