A Folded Note

July 26, 2010
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The stain on the wine glass,
Her smeared lipstick on the edge,
Reminds her of a lingering smile.
Candles lit with a flick of the hand,
The small piece of burnt wood
Lay forgotten in the ashtray,
The music that played in the background
Made the two longtime friends
Sway slowly to the lazy rhythm.

Her palm gently caresses
The framed set of memories
Before removing it from
Its holy pedestal on the mantelpiece.
With a quick slash it becomes two,
Thrown into the corner to be seen no more.
Tears flow down her angelic face,
With the realization that everything’s gone,
And a crumpled handkerchief discarded on the counter.

All those years, all that work,
Left behind just to hurt.
All of that for a folded note.

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