A Young Tragedy

July 25, 2010
By , Mapleton Depot, PA
Kitten was only 16 years old,
She has brown hair, and gray eyes
Kitten has loving parent,
and friends that are always with her.

In the library Kitten didnt feel well
She loves to read,
she thought she would better if she read
and her friends went to help her.

Kitten felt a sharp pain through her stomach,
all the way to the back of her neck.
Kitten clenched her stomach
and she fell off her chair in pain.

Her friends rushed over to her.
"I'm fine it ahppens all the time."
They left her alone thinking it was ok
but she lied to them, she was no fine.

She drove home with her best friend
Jane was her best friend
and she was spending the night
they went up to Kitten's room.

The girls were having fun as usual,
listening to music, playing games,
when all of a sudden kitten went into pain
and Jane screamed for her friend.

Kittens parents ran up the steps
Kitten was lying on the floor holding her stomach
Her mom dialed 911, while her father picked her up
Jane was so scared she could barely walk herself

They took Kitten to the hospital
The doctor examined her and put her to sleep.
He told her parents that she had a severe type of cancer
Unfortuenately, there was nothing they could do about it.

When Kitten woke up, she was told the news.
She cried, "I dont want to die!"
Jane hugged and cried with her
while her parents mourned the death of their child.

It had been 3 weeks sinces she was diagnosed
The doctor only gaver her 4 weeks to live
Kitten started coughing up blood
and her parents knew it was almost time.

Kitten's brother had been off in Iraq for 2 years
He came to see his baby sister in her last days
He gave her his dog tags to remember him by
and she gave him her favorite ring.

Two days leter Jane and Shane walked in the house.
Shane was the boy Kitten had a massive crush on.
Jane hugged and talked to Kitten and then she left.
Shane came in, and he talked to her for hours.

Before Shane left, Kitten asked him to wait.
He stepped back to her and he kissed her and then he left.
3 hours later, Kitten felt sick and she started to cough up more blood.
Shane came and stayed with her until the time came where she was gone

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