Happy Birthday

July 25, 2010
By Anonymous

Happy birthday.
And may you have many more.
And embrace yourself again.
Another day in a mired of sunsets,
Another year in the tides of shadows,
And memories half forgotten.
It's day time now,
But all you can see,
Is the night ahead.
Something frightening,
That you can't quite put your finger on.
Don't be scared.
We're all walking with you.

They'll tell you not to look too far ahead.
Live in the moment, they'll say,
And don't think about what hasn't happened.
Don't listen to them.
Don't look forward?
How can you do that?
It would be like cutting away,
A vital portion of your soul.

You can't exist without your past,
And you can't escape your future.
Don't look away:
Stare your fear in the eyes,
And remember every piece of it.
Never mind.
I don't suppose,
That you will want to see.

Here is your cake.
It's vanilla again,
Even though you said you wanted chocolate.
It doesn't matter what you want,
Does it?
They always do as they please anyway.
there is an extra candle this year...
You'll have to blow
with more air then you truly have.
Make a wish:
Who knows if you'll get another chance to.

The author's comments:
This piece was written for one of my best friends. I meant to make it sweet, but naturally, it became depressing. I sincerely hope that he will have many birthdays, but I am a pessimist, and not capable of writing a kind poem.

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