The World Is...

July 25, 2010
The world is not perfect,
The world is full of lies.
The world has deceived us,
Betrayed us in front of our eyes.

The world has filled our once naïve minds
With corrupt thoughts,
The world has made us turn our backs
On what we are taught

The world has twisted meanings for:
Love, Honesty, and Truth
The world only cares about what
Society wants us to do

The world looks for perfection
But that’s not what it’ll get
The world needs to be aware,
To know what to expect

The world is convoluted,
The world makes twisted schemes
It gives false information,
And unrealistic dreams

Tell me why we go with the flow,
When people tell us not to?
They say individuality is the key to success
Although some individuality may shock you

We’re a close-minded people
Not open to change
Even though we ask for it,
Things somehow stay the same

We complain about current events,
We complain about disrespect,
We complain about no love in this world,
But we haven’t showed it yet

The world is not perfect,
The world is full of lies

We live in this cold world
A world we sometimes despise

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