Chip on my shoulder

July 25, 2010
By J-Star BRONZE, York, Other
J-Star BRONZE, York, Other
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Chip on my shoulder
You were always miles above me in life,
You’d always succeed whereas I’d be in strife.
Each grade and exam was perfectly scored,
As I worshipped each book, like a priest to the lord,
You sailed off into the sunshine,
Whilst I’m struggling under the grime.
This time, I shall not be defeated,
My acts in your shadow shall not be repeated,
You won every award, trophy and prize,
And at the same time a phoenix shall rise,
As I turn around to look at your face,
You must think of me as some kind of disgrace,
There I see your shadow growing bit by bit,
And however much I try to can never reach it.

The author's comments:
to someone close to me ive always lived in your shadow, i still love you though

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