Breaking Love

August 12, 2010
It isn’t great. It hurts.
You spend years building walls, to keep everyone out.
Then, the one person comes along, and breaks through your barriers.
Leaving you open, and vulnerable.
For anyone to trample onto your heart.
Stealing a bit, never returning it.
The person never knows.
Never sees, the pain they cause.
Neither do you.
All you see is them, all you think about.
But you can never stop the pain.
Seeing them only, not caring, leaving you open to the hurt.
You are alone.
When it ends, does it matter anymore?
Love hurts.
You’re afraid of it
You’re afraid to let your guard down again.
So you don’t.
You block the world out, afraid of the pain.
Afraid of getting hurt.
But you should know.
It always hurts.
Never does it stop.
People cry, and die over it.
Such a simple word.
Supposed to be the hardest thing to ever get.
Like gold.
Everyone wants it.
So it hurts, when you try to get it.
So why would you love?
Why would you put yourself through that?
Because we all want what everyone wants.
But it’s easier to hate.
Easier to get the one thing no one wants.
But you get it anyway.
So why do you still run for what you can never reach?
To end the pain.

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Wilted_Flower said...
Sept. 4, 2010 at 2:02 pm
I really liked this piece that i wrote. I know it's not the best, but I am proud of it.
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