-frozen flame affair-

August 3, 2010
when at last I got back on my feet
the tempest-witch cast beloved sleet
and cooled my smoking funeral pyre
snow soothed smoldering sickness fires.

out of the wood with frost in my heart
gleefully free before the melting storm starts
hunting for the witching tower
before the casted sunlight shower.

violent this time, not shower but storm
torturous heat still confusingly warm
witch fire conceals the tempest kiss
my love and my reaper is deadly bliss.

and just to tease I freeze the land
an icy mark of molten love planned
the courtship of seasons once more come to pass
a frozen flame affair will forever last.

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Risible said...
Oct. 3, 2011 at 4:13 am
ok this is awesome. I love the rhythm.
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