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August 3, 2010
By stepthroughtheshadows GOLD, Beverly, Massachusetts
stepthroughtheshadows GOLD, Beverly, Massachusetts
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who's to say?
who are you to say?
the fact is, the facts are changing
day by day.

interpret what you want, but the truth
lies within myself, at the end of the line
but where is that?
who's to say?
because it's changing day by day.

I can say whatever anyone says
but what I do say
is anyone's guess
so anyone's guess is what can I say?
what's it going to be today?
who's to say?
we are changing, day by day
but who are you today?

who's to say?
you can say.
that's not changing day by day.
whereas we find the end of the line
in a very varied place and time
lies will always end in truth
so whatever we say is quite benign.

who we are
who's to say?
all the lies will fade away
but who can reach the end of the line
if lies are something time can stop?
but in time, lies to truth
and truth alone can break the clock.
so let's kill time, truth shall say
and find a brighter
day by day.

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