The Climax to Forgiveness

August 5, 2010
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The tick, the tock
The drip, drip, drip
The echo of a pin dropping
The squeak, the scratch
The soft ding, ding, ding

Sounds so overwhelming, making me want to scream.
Biting my tongue to hang onto sanity.

The taste, the salt
The liquid, liquid, liquid
The taste filling my mouth
The bitterness, the taste
The bitter flavor, flavor, flavor

Tastes so defined and clear.
Resting my hands on the floor as if hanging onto life.

The cold, the smooth
The cold seeping in, in, in
The feeling, oh so lonely
The hard, the ice
The slow numbness, numbness, numbness

Feeling slowly fading.
Taking a deep breath, scents fill my nostrils.

The unpleasant, the steel
The smoke floating up, up, up
The odors, near intolerable
The stench, the stink
The strong scent, scent, scent

Smells overpowering.
Opening my eyes to look up and see.

The cruel, the heartless
The stone cold glare, glare, glare
The eyes filled with hate
The confusion, the lost
The growing anger, anger, anger

Looking up, I stop and whisper,
“I forgive you, as God has forgiven us.”

The tick, the tock
The liquid, liquid, liquid
The feeling, oh so lost and lonely
The stench, the stink
The last look into the eyes full of regret, as the gun sounded.

With a bang.

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