Mother, Father

August 5, 2010
I got my hair color from my dad.
I got my hairstyle from my mom.
I got my eyes in a hybrid of the two.
What is really mine?

I inherited my skill with numbers from my father.
I inherited my leadership from my mother.
I inherited my body build from a fusion of my parents.
What is really mine?

My father gave me a high respect for love.
My mother gave me a high respect for bravery.
Together, they gave me determination.
What is really mine?

Daddy has given me my civility in hostility.
Mommy has given me my short temper when I am concerned.
My united predecessors have given me my mentality.
What is really mine?

Dad bestowed me a longing for music.
Mom bestowed me a longing for chocolate.
In unison, they bestowed me a longing for a sense of forever.
What is really mine?

I have my father's taste for spice.
I have my mother's taste for sweet.
I have my parents' openness for the world.
What is really mine?

I received my mother's eye for design.
I received my father's courage for getting out there.
I received their undeniable hope.
What is really mine?

I have my own passion.
I have my own loves.
I have my own style.
This is only mine.

I create my own relationships.
I create my own friends.
I create my own secrecy.
This is only mine.

You are mine forever.
You can only be mine.
You will never forget me.
'Cause you'll always be mine.

I make my own plans.
I make my own future.
I make my own life.
This is forever and always mine.

Mother and Father, thank you for your gifts.
But, I think I can take the reins from here,
I know my road by heart.
I'll never forget all you've done for me. How ever could I?

I'm paving my own street from now.
A shining strip of asphalt.
The road is called My Life,
You'll be lucky to cross it.

So, World, watch out.
Here I come.

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bluesky0728 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Sept. 21, 2010 at 12:21 am

A longing for chocolate :D

Why can't I write this??? :'O


i havent read all of yours yet but i really like this :D it has a lot of emotion.


SeeIfYouCanCatchMe replied...
Sept. 21, 2010 at 11:00 pm

You know me. Usually such an emotional person...





So, here's my outlet. I need to put it somewhere. :)

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