Perfection aimed not gained

Once upon a time All was perfect
All were ugly
but perfect
Ugly is perfect
that's why we can not be perfect
Because if we go as God intended then we are beautiful and imperfect
And wonderful and worthy of being in his sight because I am not perfect
We strive for perfection
Or we strive for mediocre
I am beautiful
because I am insanely, creatively made
A genius made me
God made me
So why should I try to aim for perfection
When perfection is ugly, perfection means I go see the doctor
I'm not asking for people to aim low
Aim high and make mistakes
Don't be afraid to get down and dirty
Because we are all down and dirty
Don't be afraid to say I am weak and I need God to save me
Because we are all weak and need God to save us
Don't be perfect
Because no one wants you to
We know how that goes all too well
We've all tried
Did you see my ugly side aiming for perfection
Perfect is a word that sees you and says with that condescending smile
You can't catch me
I'm perfect !

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