Black Seed / One Eyed Fool

August 5, 2010
By ArianaT GOLD, Newark, New Jersey
ArianaT GOLD, Newark, New Jersey
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Sitting with my eyes closed,
my body rests in child's pose.
"Tense," he says,
and i do.
"Imagine, let the seed grow."
I look - how deep, can it go?
Beyond my brain,
beyond my throat,

Down, in my core,
a seed, ready to break,
relentless it has been,
in its beating.
The most disgusting part of me,
it has hidden,
hidden deep,
any pain i ever was,
and hate I'd ever be.
"Let it grow," says he,
and I do.

"Let it stretch,
and sprout limbs,
root around your inner things."
Any hope,
any love,
it is vanquished.

I feel my eyes rise together,
to the middle of my forhead,
and the blackness envelopes my heart,
prepares for war.

"Now let the sound resonate
in your throat.
Let it simmer...into a growl,"
and a thunder, sans question,
escapes my chest.

My head turns up
and my arms rise, though not far,
as the stance of a cyclops represents me.

"Now attack," says he,
and I do,

wondering what has driven me to such maddness.

The author's comments:
In my summer program (the Crossover Project), students from different core disciplines, acting, vocal, and dance, are composing a piece based on Odysseus' travels and how it applies to the life of a character we created living in the present day. One of the scenes we created includes the main character, Molly, fighting what is bad within herself, which in Odysseus' case, is represented by the cyclops they blind and outsmart in the cave he gets his men entrapped in. In order for us to become the cyclops, we had to find what part of ourselves we hated or were scared of the most, and confront it. This poem was inspired by that amazing revelation.

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