Truth Hurts

August 5, 2010
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theres nO such thinq as a Past,
it`z just a MemOry that Fades w| each step.
Happiness cOmes frOm Livinq in the Truth. MOment by mOment.
Pain comes from the moments our hearts wont let us for get.
As soon as u introduce yourself to love its already passing you up,
u never figure out why... there's hardly anytime to get used to the feeling before yOu Say HeLLO and wave qoOd bye.
ReaLity is Like the NeedLe that sedates us aLL,
Preparinq yOu fOr the dOse Of hurt yOu wiLL recieve,
then Leavinq an uqLy scar after wOrds fOr aLL tO see.
LOve isn`t a disease that infects yOu, its a chOice.
we choOse whO we LOve `&nd we choOse what LOve Makes us dO.
In out hearts we want to rejoice... but the choices that make us happy don't always complete us like we thought they would when the day is through.
in any situatiOn, LOve shOuLd cOnquer aLL temptatiOn,
and the two souls involved should always be for real.
nOthinq wiLL ever Be the same as my LOve `&nd affectiOn.
but now because of your infidelity that unconditional love is something you will never feel.

yOu shOuLd Eat tO fiLL yOur stOmach, nOt FiLL yOur sOuL.
You should live to be a man of integrity, not a puppet under society's control.
Drink tO Numb yOur thirst, But nOt yOur Pain.
PeOpLe whO deserve secOnd chances the Least,
are the One whO surprise yOu the mOst.
LoOkinq at this pLace we used tO CaLL Our hOme
Beinq dOwn `&nd Out, qOin thrOuqh it aLOne.
rememberinq the times iDid Manythinq On my Own,
yOu say yOu Care but where are the actiOns that yOu`ve shOwn
When the Grass LoOk Greener On the Other side Of the fence,
it May Be that they take Care Of it Better.
ispent sO Much time watchinq Other peOpLes stOry pLay Out,
nOw it`z time fOr me tO Live my Own.
yOu and i is a paqe iaLready turned,
iBeqinninq tO write a New chapter.
The Truth is Hard tO swaLLOw,
But then aqain, mOst Medicines are.

My Brother Johnny `&nd MyseLf Have Team`d tOqether tO write this pOwerfuL pOem. he`s GREAT

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