What Keeps Me Warm At Night

August 5, 2010
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What Keeps Me warm at Niqht.

sOme say im cOmpLicated, but it aLL depends On hOw yOu take it.
They say im singLe Because my standards are way ToO Hiqh,
NO, thass nOt the reasOn. ijust Havent fOund the Riqht Guy.
The Riqht Guy Has tO embOdy aLL the characteristics yOu see,
He dOesn`t Have tO Push up On Me Or smOther Me.
He`s qOtta Be funny but seriOus `&nd sincere,
Has tO Be wiLLinq tO Open up `&nd TeLL Me aLL that He Fears.
Needs tO Be HimseLf at aLL times, nO Matter the Case,
KnOs hOw tO dO His Own thinq `&nd Give me a LiddO space.
His swaqq dOesn`t Have tO Be the Best,
But He must at Least KnO hOw tO dress.
RespectfuL tO aLL my FamiLy `&nd friends is a Given,
My friends are my rOck, `&nd my FamiLy is whats Been Keepin me Livin.
Maybe a Back rub Or a Massaqe here `&nd there,
Maybe fLOwers Or a Card, nO OccasiOn Necessary, just shOwinq that He Cares.
He Tries `&nd He executes when He Opens His mOuth tO sinq,
aLthOuqh He`s majOrLy Off Key, He dOes it Cause He KnOs the Happiness it Brinqs.
fLaws `&nd aLL, sOmeOne whO accepts me fOr me,
Cause after aLL thOse thinqs aren`t sOLd seperatLy.
when He Dances w| Me, He Can`t Be stiff,
`&nd he Has tO remain the same dude iFeLL in Like w|
Never Behind Me Or Far in frOnt Of me, where He Needs tO Be is tO my Riqht,
nOt in the shadOws but hOLdinq my Hand in the spOtLiqht.
He dOesnt Have tO shOwer me w| MateriaL thinqs, aLthOuqh that wOuLd Be Nice,
but hOnestLy, i`d Rather Have Him Keepinq my bOdy warm at Niqht.

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