Passing By

August 5, 2010
By LinnaNicole SILVER, Orlando, Florida
LinnaNicole SILVER, Orlando, Florida
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With wailing eyes and a new born heart
I know you’ve always loved me from the start
Then I was one and you taught me how to talk
And when I turned two I learned how to walk
On my third birthday you bought me a big cake
My fourth birthday presents were really great
On my fifth year of living a new person came into my life
And on my sixth year we started to fight
Years seven and eight went by in a flash
Then I was 9 and had my first big birthday bash
So then I turned ten and was at the top of my school
Then year 11 came and I was being a fool
Year 12 was a turning year I’ll have to admit
And when I was 13 I’ll say I had a lot of fits
14, 15, 16 blew by so fast
Then 17 and 18 came and the end of school was a blast
19 and 20 is when I left your care
Then 21 came by and I was done with my school
Then 22 came and went
23 is when the real world took effect
I’m 24 now mom and I think I found him
The one I love he’s really real
And as I look upon your grave
I’m 50 mom and I stand in amaze
Like you said the years go by fast
I have my own kids mom and their growing fast
Times are changing and so am I
My life is great mom and there’s one thing I learned
Life goes on no matter what so make the best of it before it’s gone
I’m dead now mom but I lived a good life
I’ve passed away unto the heavens
To meet you and father again

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