Not giving up

August 5, 2010
Isn't it funny how
people make promises to break them?
How you can be strong on the outside but weak on the inside?

But you know what's funnier?
How I feared getting hurt again
&yet,I still gave you my heart.
And in the end,I did get hurt.

Giving up doesn't mean you're
weak,just that you're strong enough
to let go.Too bad I'm weak,cause
I'm not giving up on you.

However,I believe in something else.Not giving up means you're strong enough to take the pain,the hurt,the tears.It just means you truly love that person.

It's hilarious how you can
have so much love to give,&yet,
not have someone to give it to.I'll
take the pain,the hurt,the tears,the burn.

I'll even take the stabbing that
I feel once in a while in my heart.
Cause I'm not giving up on you...

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